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Morocco Sahara Excursions

Private and shared Sahara desert tours and excursions available all year round.

Best Morocco Desert Tour Deals!

Our team at Morocco Sahara Excursions (MSE) will provide you with the best Sahara desert tour itineraries, activities, and excursions to discover the hidden gems of the Moroccan Sahara desert.
The Sahara desert is much more than just a desert; it's also a journey through some of the most breathtaking scenery in Morocco. Our desert tours include so many other places such as the atlas, the massive stone gorges, the palm groves, the Berber villages, the old fortresses, and so much more.

A Morocco desert tour is a journey through the true hospitality of Morocco, a journey through which time seems to stand still, a journey through which one can experience magic in its purest form. Many treasured memories were made in the Sahara desert, a place where there is nothing but everything. This picture is completed by the local population, which is mostly Berber, and prides out on its exceptional kindness and dedication to keeping its traditions. If what we're saying fascinates you, don't hesitate to get in touch with us; we'll go through all you need to know about organizing a trip to the Moroccan desert.

Morocco Desert Trips

Most Booked Desert Tour Packages

Can't find the Moroccan desert tour you are looking for?

Don't worry; simply get in touch with us, and we'll design a personalized Morocco desert tour that suits your requirements.

Sahara Desert Tours FAQs

  • What are the hotels included?
  • How to book this tour?
  • What is the price of this 3-day desert tour from Marrakech to Merzouga?
  • What to pack for this tour?
  • It is possible to customize the tour?
  • What I have to know before booking this trip?
  • Ending in Fes or Marrakech?
  • Shared or private tour?
  • What is the best time to visit?
  • How big is the group?
  • How long do Sahara Desert tours usually last?
    The duration of our Morocco Sahara Desert tours can be as short as 2–3 days or extend up to a week or more, depending on the itinerary and the areas you wish to explore.
  • Which cities are the starting points for Morocco desert tours?
    Common starting cities for Morocco desert tours include Marrakech, Fes, and Casablanca, Ouarzazate, Agadir and Merzouga. These cities serve as gateways to the Moroccan Shara desert, but we can customize a Moroccan desert tour depending on your preferences.
  • What activities are included?
    At Morocco Sahara Excursions, we have included different activities on our desert tours such as camel riding, exploring ancient kasbahs, camping in desert camps, stargazing, and experiencing traditional Berber culture.
  • How to book and pay?
    To book your desert tour, you have to do the following steps: Choose your preferred desert tour from our website. Let our team know about your travel date Pay a small deposit in advance Pay the rest of the trip in Morocco
  • What to pack for a Moroccan desert excursion?
    Clothing: Lightweight, loose-fitting shirts and pants to keep cool. Long-sleeved shirts and pants to protect from the sun. A light jacket, sweater, or shawl for chilly desert evenings. Footwear: Sturdy closed-toe walking shoes or hiking boots for comfort and support. Accessories: Wide-brimmed hat to shield from the sun. UV-protective sunglasses. Lightweight scarf or shemagh for added sun and sand protection. Sun Protection: High-SPF sunscreen for regular application. Lip balm with SPF. Moisturizer to combat dry desert air. Hydration: Refillable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day. Personal Essentials: Prescription medications and a basic first aid kit. Personal hygiene items. Travel-sized hand sanitizer. Valuables and Documents: Waterproof pouch for passports, money, and important documents. Local currency (Moroccan Dirhams) for purchases in remote areas.
  • How much a Sahara desert tour costs?
    Our Moroccan Sahara desert tour prices start from 135 euros for large groups and prices of the private tours change depending on the number of the travelers, the accommodation's category as well as the season.
  • What I have to do before booking a desert trip?
    Research and Itinerary: Research reputable tour operators or agencies offering desert trips in Morocco. Choose an itinerary that aligns with your interests, whether it's camel trekking, cultural immersion, or stargazing. Health Considerations: Consult your doctor before the trip, especially if you have any health conditions or concerns. Pack necessary medications and a basic first aid kit. Cultural Etiquette: Familiarize yourself with Moroccan customs and traditions to show respect to local communities. Learn a few basic Arabic phrases for polite communication. Climate Awareness: Understand the desert's climate: hot during the day and cooler at night. Pack appropriate clothing to manage temperature fluctuations.

Sahara Desert Video

Morocco desert tour reviews on trip advices

Amazing Sahara Experience

“I had an incredible Morocco desert tour with Hassan. The journey was filled with breathtaking landscapes, warm hospitality, and memorable experiences. Hassan's knowledge and guidance made the trip truly remarkable. From the golden sand dunes to the starlit desert nights, it was an adventure of a lifetime. Highly recommended for those seeking an unforgettable desert escape."

Elena M

tripadvisor reccommendation

Recommended Desert Tour

“My wife and I had an amazing desert tour in Morocco with guide Ali. The experience was truly unforgettable. Ali's knowledge and hospitality enriched the journey, making it both educational and enjoyable. From the mesmerizing desert landscapes to the cultural insights, every moment was a delight. Highly recommended for an authentic and memorable adventure."

Maroc T

Morocco Sahara Excursions on TripAdvisor

The BEST Moroccan Sahara Trip

“My desert excursion in Morocco was truly unforgettable. The vastness of the desert, the breathtaking landscapes, and the cultural experiences all left a lasting impression. From camel treks to starlit nights in the dunes, every moment was filled with wonder. Morocco's desert is a place of awe-inspiring beauty and memorable adventures."

Samuel B

Reccommended desert tour on TripAdvisor

Unforgettable Desert Excursion

“My party of 15 friends and I have just returned from an incredible desert vacation in Morocco, and we are overflowing with priceless memories. The huge Sahara, riding camels, and starry desert nights all combined to make for an amazing experience. Our trip with Morocco Sahara Excursions was expertly planned, making this experience a top priority."

Josh L


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